Monday, 18 January 2010

The start of my journey at OCA

OK, so the title isn't particularly original - there's "journeys" everywhere, but in some way I feel that I am embarking (another travel related word) on a journey which is going to lead to a major qualification. But I mustn't get ahead of myself, though I do need to aim high.

My materials arrived last Thursday - it appears that they were the mystery parcel which the courier had been trying to deliver for a week. I was attending the "Societies" annual convention on Thursday through to Sunday, so, apart from reading the various enclosures on the train journeys into London, I just did not have the time to get stuck in into to the coursework book.

Right now, I am feeling somewhat apprehensive. Throughout my life, all my learning has been based around science and technology - excepting one or two practical one day photography courses - now, I need to apply myself towards a more creative process. The exercises, projects and assignments seem difficult to achieve at this stage. I think that I am going to be really busy this weekend, getting stuck into them.

I went to the "Societies" convention as I felt this was a magnificent training opportunity - more on that later. One thing I can say is that Ansel Adams was mentioned at least once each day! I have now dusted down his book "The Negative" and it will be my companion on the train for the next week or so. Its been a long time since I last read it, so definitely time to read it again right now. It might seem strange to readers that I am reading about the negative in the digital age, but I believe that, aside technical aspects regarding the construction of film and its processing, the exposure of the negative, the zone system, filters, natural and artificial light, are all subjects which are valid when applied to the digital "negative".


  1. Welcome to the course. I started off the same as you - much more maths/science based learning and a little daunted by creative learning. It soon starts to come more naturally and I am loving it.

    Good luck

  2. Janet, Thanks for the encouragement, it seems to be a real struggle to become creative "to order". Just looking at your and other's output seems so daunting!