Saturday, 20 March 2010

Exercise: Fitting the frame to the subject

Choosing the subject was the most difficult aspect of this exercise.  In the end I felt that one of the churches from nearby villages would be suitable. A trip to a nearby village provided me with the subject matter.

This first shot was taken as a "standard" or conventional - taken without too much consideration for the composition.

 For this second shot I cropped as much as I could to the edges of the church - not easy as this was definitely an irregular shape.  In the end I decided that for the purpose of this exercise, I would live with a cropped spire.

In the next shot I came in very close and photographed a detail of the doorway - some very weather-worn wooden carving.

Finally, placing the church in the landscape.

For me the closely cropped shot is the least successful of the quartet.  There is little interest in it and by pulling out slightly, including more of the cross in the foreground, then this would have had more interest.  I did like the sunbleached wood and the curves within the carving and then the edge of the door way and finally the shadow.

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