Saturday, 13 March 2010

Movement: examples from my work

I thought it might be useful to show some other images which I have taken over the last couple of years. I have used mainly panning techniques, but also have used in the case of the street gymnast and the drummer, slower shutter speed to convey movement.

Using slow shutter speeds is not always the only way to demonstrate speed. My shot of the kite surfer was taken at 1/500th, but, due to the frozen spray and wake, as well as the stance adopted by the surfer, I feel there is a real feeling of speed and effort shown in the shot.

Here the pilot of the Chipmunk was picking up ribbons with its wing tips. This shot, taken at 1/60th, really has a sense of movement, not only due to the blurred background, but also the ribbons give that added sensation of motion and speed.

I was a passenger in the car for the above two shots and experimented with different exposures
shooting a series of photographs, of which the above best convey movement in the way I imagined.

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