Monday, 5 April 2010

Exercise: Object in different positions in the frame

For this exercise I went to the town of Thaxted in Essex as I felt that the mill there may provide a suitable subject for illustrating how the positioning of the object in the frame.  I then took a sequence of 9 photos, positioning the windmill along the edges and in the centre of the frame.  Not all of these I have reproduced here, but, starting with the windmill positioned centrally, here are my results.

This really does not do much.  I find that with the object positioned centrally, it all seem rather static.  Ironically there are diagonals from the clouds and the lines in the field, however they lead away from the object.

Positioning the object to the right of the frame, in this case, seems to put it in greater conflict with the field and cloud diagonals which lead the eye to the left.

With the object in the bottom right, the conflicting diagonals are still impacting on the photo, though it sits more comfortably in the corner.  The large expanse of sky, though does not neccessarily add to the composition.

Now, with the windmill positioned to the bottom left, this becomes much more pleasing, with both the field lines and the clouds leading the eye to the object.

Of this sequence, I think this is the most successful positioning, though a more panoramic cropping may improve it as I'm not sure that the large expanse of field is adding anything to the photo.  Certainly, the windmill is more dominant.

This tighter crop has improved the composition providing greater impact to the windmill.

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