Sunday, 17 April 2011

Assignment 1: Contrasts - Continuous / Intermittent

Having already taken photographs of somewhat more obvious subjects such as road markings, which frankly just did not inspire me I came across this opportunity at the fishing part of Port de Soller on the West cost of Majorca.  Taking a relatively low viewpoint, the ropes and nets seemed to stretch continuously way into the distance.  Curiously, it was only during editing that I noticed this photo could qualify as a dual contrast with the floats intermittently attached to the net rope.

I did not have to look far for something which also described intermittent to me - the bollards which are used for tying the mooring lines from the boats.  These provided an intermittent line along the edge of the quay.

Continuous: ISO 200 24mm f20 1/80

Intermittent: ISO 200 105mm f16 1/125

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