Sunday, 17 April 2011

Assignment 1: Contrasts - High / Low

"High" is an interesting concept which had me looking in the wrong direction for quite a while.  The reason being was that it is easy to confuse high with tall.  Tall buildings and other structures did not, to me, convey height.  I eventually found what I was looking for - some workmen washing windows on a tall building from a cradle suspended from the roof.  I needed to convey this height and at the same time not to lose them into insignificance.  My method, in the end was to crop tightly in a narrow crop which exaggerated the height and at the same time ensured the figures were still visible in the cradle.

High:  ISO 200 300mm f16 1/125
 Returning to ground level, I wanted to show flowers at ground level as this, to me immediately suggested the concept of being "low".  The opportunity arose a few weeks ago with snowdrops growing in local woodland.  Here I added to this concept by including the trees in in the background.

Low:  ISO 400 24mm f11 1/100

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