Sunday, 17 April 2011

Assignment 1: Contrasts - Still / Moving

I had travelled to London with my camera seeking to find some other subjects when I realised that the movement of people on the concourse at Liverpool Street station, provided me with the perfect opportunity to show both the concepts of still and moving.  Indeed, one of the photographs utilised stillness on the part of some people to give the impression of movement by others!

Still:  ISO 800 24mm f5 1/80
There was a wonderful moment when everybody around me seemed tostop and I managed to grab the shot!

Moving:  ISO 100 24mm f22 1/2
Looking down onto the concourse, I found endless possibilities - all I had to do is wait.  I carefully balanced my camera on the railing and adjusted setting to give me plenty of movement.  I decided that using a tripod or even a monopod would be asking for trouble.  This was one of the best of the sequence which I shot - enhanced by the single person in the red coat and the pair in the top left.  The traces of people moving across the concourse provide an almost ghostly quality, but, to me give a strong impression of movement. 

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