Saturday, 16 April 2011

Exercise: Cropping

I struggled to find suitable photographs for this exercise - at least those where a crop would show a different perspective or a fresh view from the original.  What I have ended up with is a number of photographs which are being cropped, I believe to improve their impact rather than to provide a fresh view.

In this image, I felt that the subject (the cocktail shaker and glass) was not strong enough, with too many distractions, so I cropped as shown to produce the image below.

Overall, I think a stronger image has resulted.I looked at cropping further, but as the photo was taken in quite low light, a significant amount of noise started becoming apparent.

The next image I took because I liked the greens of the lady's blouse being "reflected" by the green of the limes.  Again, through cropping, I am looking for a stronger image.

The crop has removed extraneous parts of the photograph creating a cleaner image.

In the photo above, the image was not really finished in my mind and again, the tighter crop has dramatically improved it.

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