Thursday, 21 April 2011

Photographic Exhibitions

This weekend and next, I hope will be busy for me photographically.  This weekend I am planniing to go into London to see the Hoppe and Ida Karr exhibitions at the National Portrait Gallery - this time I promise to write up some feelings about the exhibitions in this blog.  The following weekend I am planning to spend some time in the East End of London and go to one of my favourite venues - The Whitechapel Gallery.  At the moment they are hosting an exhibion of work by Paul Graham.  I googled him and came up with this archive -

The photographs there have real soul - my favourite set is "A1 - The Great North Road".  They brought my memories of that road to life.  Perhaps there is something of Don McCullin in there.  McCullin is one of my lifetime inspirations - check out his book "Homecoming" if you can.  That book, post-Vietnam, is one of the darkest but also illuminating views of England.

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