Sunday, 1 May 2011

Exercise: Multiple Points

The brief is to set up a still life using 6-10 compact and similar-sized objects and record this as it is built up "one-by-one".

Looking around the house, there seemed to be very little in the way of suitable objects to be used for this, so eventually I decided on some nuts which I duly purchased.  Setting this up definitely proved to be one of the most difficult exercises I have done.  Starting with just the one bolt I struggled to see how it would develop from there and I changed the arrangement around several times.  One of the most dificult design decisions was whether to have this in a compact or an expanded arrangement.

The first Bolt:  ISO 400 105mm f8 0.5 sec

A second bolt is added:  ISO 400 105mm f8 0.4 sec

And the Third...: ISO 400 105mm f8 0.3 sec

Number 4 is added:  ISO 400 105mm f8 0.3 sec

And the 5th - this time a pair treated as one:  ISO 400 105mm f8 0.3 sec

The 6th bolt - a larger one!:  ISO 400 105mm f8 0.4 sec

The 7th movement:  ISO 400 105mm f8 0.4 sec

And the final pair as well as some adjustment:  ISO 400 105mm f8 0.4 sec
I started using pairs of bolts to give the objects greater significance - this helped the "look" of the arrangement.  Finally I looked at the lines which related the objects and found several triangles joing the various bolts together.  This can be seen below:

To me there were several triangles - the primary relationship seemed to be governed by the size of the objects which can be seen joined above.

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