Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Succesful preparation for Assignment 2

It seems as though I have jumped ahead of myself, but my trip to Cressing Temple proved very fruitful despite there being a very poorly attended antiques and collector's fair in progress.  I believe I have obtained a good set of images which fulfil the criteria for Assignment 2.  The most difficult one to find was an image which demostrated the relationship between two points.  I am not entirely happy with what I have so will revisit that.  Another image which is causing me trouble is that for rhythm.  I have an image, but did not consider my camera settings adequately, so the net result is an image where all of it is not in focus.  That will have to be re-done before submission.

I am planning to go there again next weekend to complete and correct the images.  I noted that there will be a Medieval Fair held there, so there may be good opportunities for some "Street Photography" as well.

I am also re-reading the relevant sections of "The Photographer's Eye" to ensure I have correctly understood the design concepts.

Next weekend is going to be really busy as I am now away from home for the rest of this week, so do not have much opportunity to progress things.

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