Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Art of Seeing

Essex County Council libraries have come up trumps again.  I have managed to get my hands on two volumes of "The Art of Seeing".  This is a collection of some of the finest photographs coming from the photographers of the Reuters News Picture Service.

The vision expressed in these photographs is just amazing - there are simply too many fantastic photographs to list any particular one, though I do have some favourites.  Each is annotated by the photographer which puts the photograph in its context.  What sets these apart is that in most cases considerable thought was given into the design and structure of the photograph, despite the moment in some cases being quite fleeting.

All manner of subjects are covered, as could be expected.  From sport to dance, war and natural disasters.  Meetings of heads of state and fashion.  There is something there for all tastes, but they do have one thing in common - they are inspiring.

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