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Thomas Zanon-Larcher

In researching various photographers, I came across Thomas Zanon-Larcher.  Sadly an exhibition of his work is ending as I write this, and I did not manage to go and see it, so my comments are based on the work which formed part of the exhibition as found on various internet pages.  The exhibition, "Falling: A Part" which was at the Wapping Project Bankside gallery in South London, used photographs from a number of series made by the photographer.

A particular series of images from that exhibition are relevant to this module on colour and its use in composition.

I quote here from a review by Jocelyn Phillips, who writes in Photomonitor (

"Four images in the show come from a wider group of sixteen, the initial idea for which was developed from Henrik Ibsern's 'A Doll's House' and in particular the controversial character of Nora, whose final actions in leaving her family were scandalous to the play's 19th century audiences."

Nora, Law School, Oslo - August 2006
In the image above, looking at it from the perspective of colour, the image has an overal blue hue, almost monochrome, however, the red skirt of the model, used as an accent, provides the contrast needed to make the figure "stand out" and not be entirely dwarfed by the columns of the Law School.

Nora, Train Station II, Oslo - August 2006
Once again, in this photograph of Nora at the train station, the red dress provides an accent in an otherwise monotone image.  The use of colour in this way is essential to this image.

Nora, Diechmannske Library, Oslo - August 2006
Reminiscent of the columns of the Oslo Law School, this time we are looking through the blue posts into the libarary which can be seen as a collection of randomly coloured books. This time, instead of using an accent colour, Nora's "top" matches the yellow of the doors and these make up a triangle which enables Nora to stand out from the mainly haphazard background of books.  In the same, warm colour, this time red, there are blocks of books which give the whole a greater sense of warmth and solidity.

Thomas Zanon-Larcher is an interesting photographer who is also very much a story teller.  I certainly need to learn more about his work.  Just from the images above, I am taking away learning points in the use of colour as an accent and how basic design principles "make" an image.

Photographs obtained from  All are copyright Thomas Zanon-Larcher and have also been credited to the Wapping Project Bankside gallery.

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