Thursday, 5 May 2011

Inverted Triangle!

Reading through the May edition of the Journal of The Royal Photographic Society, I noticed the photograph below, which I felt supremely illustrated one of the design concepts discussed in this part of TAOP, namely that of the inverted triangle.

This photograph by Scott Barbour was the inaugural winner of the Wisden & MCC Cricket Photograph of the Year Award.  The images were all about capturing the the joy, spirit and essence of cricket.  To me, this photograph has great dynamism and the photographer caught the delta or V formation of the team members running towards the bowler at just the perfect moment.  The strength is not just in that, but also in the powerful dynamism of the inverted triangle.

More photographs from this competition can be found at,34,PS.html

Curiously, or perhaps not, the second-placed photograph of 4 players forming a triangle whilst making an "appeal" is also incredibly powerful.  This underlines how the triangle as a design element is visually so powerful.

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