Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The relationship between points - some more photos

I have been taking so many photos this last weekend for the various exercises in this part of TAOP, that I omitted to consider these two which I shot on Monday.  The first are two windows in the side of a "Post" mill.  It seems that this mill is the smallest remaining Post mill in Essex - it was built in 1756 and is in the rather picturesque village of Finchingfield.  I confess to having a soft spot for mills and maybe see a project brewing around them.  Anyway here is the photograph:

Mill windows:  ISO 200 100mm f18 1/200
Here I find that the lower window is the dominant point, not only because it is slightly larger, but also because I took the photograph at an angle and the weather boards have a slope from right to left, leading the eye to the lower of the two points.

Eagle Owl:  ISO 400 300mm f5.6 1/640
Eagle Owls are my favourite bird of prey and I have been fortunate to have been able to fly them on several occasions.  Here the points are the eyes and quite clearly the left hand point, in the bright area, is dominant.  Having said that, the eyes are extremely dominant in this photo and I have left it as shot - uncropped - hence I consider them valid as points.   

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